​February 2020 //

We are very proud to announce Taliaz’s PREDICTIX technology to reduce the trial and error process in prescribing psychiatric treatments has won France’s prestigious 2020 Brain Congress Startup Competition! 

Congrès de l’Encéphale is a benchmark event in the psychiatry field in France bringing together more than 4000 psychiatric experts. The presentation of Taliaz was selected and won from one of 6 start-ups in mental health the “Innovation Prize” 

The award validates the unique scientific-AI-driven approach taken by Taliaz to create personalized medicine tools for the psychiatric field.

Since the brain is the most complex organ in the body, tailoring mental healthcare to the needs of each individual is extremely difficult.  It is important to understand what is happening in our individual brains. Also, we must be aware of how our diverse environment – our past and present experiences – interacts with different factors. Among the dozens of treatments available, we must select the best one and learn from this experience so our care continues to improve.

With potentially millions of data points to analyze and consider, this is not something our brain is capable of – especially not in a standard 8-minute doctor-patient consultation. As a solution, Taliaz has combined AI with deep scientific-clinical evidence to develop smart tools that help doctors and the health system provide better care while saving time and money.

It is this technology that was presented and was selected as the Product Innovation Winner at Congrès de l’Encéphale 2020.