July 2021 //

Dr. Dekel Taliaz and Dr. Daniel Souery share their thoughts on how digital behavioral data can help better characterize mental health disorders and advance personalized psychiatry.

The COVID-19 pandemic is focusing attention on mental health, and Taliaz is excited to share our opinion piece in the Journal of Clinical Medicine. The Journal of Clinical Medicine is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal on clinical and pre-clinical research.

The opinion piece examines the ambiguity of diagnosing and defining mental health disorders. Considering mental disorders are manifested as behavioral conditions, the paper suggests a paradigm shift in which mental disorders should be classified primarily by behavioral indicators.

The paper is written by Taliaz CEO, Dr. Dekel Taliaz with Dr. Daniel Souery, a psychiatrist and the director of Psy Pluriel. It suggests the use of smartphones and wearable devices to continuously and objectively collect quantified behavioral data from patients by utilizing digital biomarkers of mental disorder symptoms. This quantified data can be used to determine a patient’s diagnosis and personalized treatment, and thereby allow a personalized treatment for each patient.

As human behavior is a spectrum, such a continuous and personalized approach is critical. It is only by harnessing quantified longitudinal behavioral data, that we can unlock the potential of personalized medicine in psychiatry. Taliaz is harnessing its scientific-analytical approach to do just that.

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