We enable personalized mental health care at every step of the treatment journey

Award-winning patented technology – PREDICTIX

PREDICTIX collects rich sets of personalized data

We collect data considered important in predicting treatment response to mental disorders based on scientific and clinical evidence

Clinical history

Associated health conditions


Family history

Genetic and metabolic

And more

PREDICTIX analyzes these data sets and their combinations of features reaching hundreds of thousands of data points using

Machine learning models


Established clinical guideline

Ongoing real-world learning and improvement


Results of meta-analyses and peer-reviewed manuscripts


Published medications’ information (FDA and EMA drug labeling and summary reports)

PREDICTIX learns with a patient’s changing real-world experience to personalize ongoing care

Symptom severity assessment

Remote patient monitoring

Ongoing AI driven insights

Engaging patient mobile app

Genetic and metabolic

And more

PREDICTIX accurately predicts which treatment

is right for each patient the first time

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“…the frontier of personalized medicine in psychiatry by delivering to psychiatrists and GPs state-of-the-art information…”

Prof. Stephen Stahl

MD, PhD, Author of the best-selling clinical manual “Essential Psychopharmacology”

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