Case Study: Telemedicine Provider, Psychiatry UK’s Real-World Experience using PREDICTIX Genetics


The Challenge

Psychiatry UK (PUK), the UK’s leading online psychiatry service, took on PREDICTIX to expand their telehealth service and set a new standard in remote care for patients suffering from depression in the UK. Looking for a means to improve their service to patients and further gain a competitive edge within a rapidly growing market space, PUK  implemented PREDICTIX Genetics.


PREDICTIX Genetics, an innovative and easy-to-use digital tool, enabled PUK to better care for its existing patients, as well as providing an advanced solution that was easily scalable to help access new patients.


PUK provides a network of highly-qualified psychiatrists that deliver online medical treatment via video consultations to their patients. Composed of more than 70 psychiatrists, PUK leverages the PREDICTIX software to help their psychiatrists better assess and optimize treatment decisions for patients.

The solution

Some of PUK’s most challenging patients, mainly those who had been treatment resistant or were first-time patients, got personalized treatment using PREDICTIX Genetics.

Results showed:

  •       71.4% of patients that used the PREDICTIX Genetics-guided treatment recommendation responded to their first antidepressant prescribed.
  •       This was nearly double the prescribing success rate compared to unguided treatment selection, where only 40% responded to their first antidepressant prescribed.

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