New study provides psychiatrists with pioneering clinical support tool to inform antidepressant prescribing enabling improved quality of care, while saving time and lowering costs.

Tel Aviv, Israel, May 5th, 2021 – Taliaz, a mental health startup harnessing science and artificial intelligence (AI) to revolutionise mental health treatment and management, today announced the successful end of enrollment of patients to the PREDICTIX mental health study with the leading French hospital, APHP. Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris (APHP) is the largest university teaching hospital in Europe, treating more than 7 million patients a year through its network of 3000 physicians.

The pilot with APHP adopts Taliaz’s pioneering PREDICTIX Genetics tool to help psychiatrists overcome today’s challenge in treating multifaceted mental health conditions and improve antidepressant prescribing success. 

Today, about 6 out of 10 patients are prescribed the wrong antidepressant the first time1,2. With limited time and tools available, PREDICTIX Genetics provides APHP psychiatrists with an easy-to-use, time-saving tool to personalize treatment and reduce today’s long and painful trial and error process, saving up to 12% in mental health costs per patient per year.

The tool is seamlessly integrated within the current workflow of an APHP psychiatrist’s face-to-face consultation with a patient. Patients complete a short clinical questionnaire and provide a DNA swab during the physician visit. The PREDICTIX algorithm then generates a personalized patient report for APHP psychiatrists. This ranks the efficacy and potential side effects of various antidepressant medications based on each patient’s unique genetic makeup and health record. Final results from the study are expected in Q3 2021. 

“We are very pleased at the successful enrollment to the pilot. We have seen a dramatic increase in depression and anxiety within the french population since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, with more than 30% of the population affected last month. The PREDICTIX Genetics pilot provides our patients with a more accurate and rapid treatment plan to help improve quality of care while lowering treatment costs and saving medical resources”, said Prof. Bruno Millet, Director of the Psychiatric Department at Hospital de la Pitie-Salpetriere leading the PREDICTIX Genetics’ pilot.  

The study builds from previous success in the UK with Psychiatry UK (PUK), the UK’s leading online psychiatry service. In this pilot, PREDICTIX Genetics was integrated within PUK’s telehealth service to set a new standard in remote care for UK patients with depression. Results from this real-world study showed 71% of patients that used the PREDICTIX Genetics-guided treatment recommendation responded to their first antidepressant prescribed, compared to only 40% of patients following standard of care practice.

Dekel Taliaz, CEO and Co-founder of Taliaz said: “We are excited by the very encouraging early positive results we are seeing from the APHP study. As demand for our solution accelerates driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, we look forward to expanding our commercial pilots across Europe with other hospitals and healthcare providers to transform care and reduce costs.”

The proprietary PREDICTIX technology leverages deep scientific and clinical evidence with AI to analyze combinations of genetic, clinical and demographic patient data to inform prescribing. By analyzing combinations of data streams, PREDICTIX Genetics enables superior prescribing accuracy and learns with a patient’s real-world experience. 

Taliaz’s second AI product, PREDICTIX Digital, the first completely digital on-the-spot assessment and clinical prescribing tool is also commercially available in Europe. The company plans to launch a new anxiety solution soon, with other solutions for mental health conditions to be released by the end of the year. 

Taliaz is currently conducting four commercial pilots across Europe and was awarded $3M from the European Horizon grant funding earlier this year. 

About Taliaz

Taliaz is revolutionizing mental health treatment and management with PREDICTIX. Combining science with AI, PREDICTIX translates complex genetic, demographic and clinical patient data into a time-saving assessment, management and prescribing support tool for healthcare providers. PREDICTIX improves treatment prescribing accuracy and can save a minimum of 12% in mental health costs. PREDICTIX is currently available for commercial use in the EU, UK, Australia and Israel.

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